Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wild About You

Hi everyone, First, I want to show you guys the project for today. Be sure to watch the video to get the recipe and see how it all gets put together.

One of my Youtube subscribers kindly reminded me that this cut is from Live Simply.
Now onto the New Year's Resolutions. I usually have the same ones and pretty much break them around spring time!
The first is to use my stash. This I mean! For real! We just booked (a very expensive!) Hawaiian vacation for the summer. So I got to cut back which means that at some point, I will probably go crazy and buy everything I want and more. I did make my resolution to do videos and to grow my blog so I will continue to work on those goals. I want to better my body - so eat better and lose some weight and better my mind - read more! Do any of you have some goals for the new year?
Leave a comment here and I will be giving away a prize package - I got tons of 6x6 paper pads and stamps so it will a collection of these items - whatever fits in the envelope! So leave a comment here and I will select a winner on January 21.
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snappy scrappy said...

So cute!! Lee-Ann :)

Anonymous said...

Those are great resoloutions! Congratulations on getting to go to Hawaii this summer, you will have so much fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful crafty ideas with us :)

Debra Hudson

MelissaS said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing :) My resolutions are to take care of myself (mind and body), and to put myself out there more socially. I will revive my blog, and I opened an Etsy shop. So far, so good!

Keep using up that stash! There will always be more new stuff to buy. Can't wait to hear more about the Hawaii trip! We are planning on going in the next few years, too.

Marie Goetz said...

Hi Cindy
Love your daily cards/ideas. I am not able to You Tube directions but am pretty good at figuring out the go together stuff. It also sparks my Cricut use more, so I can get increase return on that investment!
My New Years Resolution is to keep up with tasks that are needed at the time they are realized/remembered or done. Example would be an upcoming birthday/anniversary: at the time I remember the birthday/anniversary, usually the first of the month, I do the cards right then and not put it off until the week of the birthday/anniversary (which usually then makes it late) This was
a huge issue last year and I am bound and determined (as it appears you are) to make this life style change. Thank you for listening cyberly Marie

bluemoonbyniteatyahoodotcom said...

Cute card and made so quickly too! Great layout to try.

I'm going to try to create more,and to try layouts I see to create quicker, simpler cards.

Some personal goals of more sleep, more active and also more reading too! thx.