Monday, June 8, 2015

Tuesday Morning Haul May 2015

Hi everyone,
So I have a Tuesday Morning Haul for you all. I used to have a Tuesday Morning right around the corner but it closed so it took me awhile to get to one and so I didn't get all of the cool stuff that I saw other Youtubers get but I am still happy with what I found.

Thanks for visiting today!
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Cocoa's Mom said...

Great haul, Cindy! I wonder where my closest Tuesday Morning is located? : )

Golden Goddess Designs said...

nice haul! I got the same Switchboard paper! I also found some washi tape and lots of the MS and Prima flowers. I think it is no neat we bought the same lighthouse and woodsy MS stickers! I like to frequent Tuesday Morning. I actually have 5 within a 10 mile radius! It is like a TJ Maxx, you never know what you will find, and it depends on who has been there before you! I also like to stop at a couple on the way to my sister's (400 miles away). My greatest find was my over the door armoire! I got it on my birthday (12/26) in Dalton, GA (sister's) and I just saw another one the other day in KY, for $99! It was a deal, but I just couldn't use another. Thanks for sharing!