Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bloglovin - Transfer all of your blogs over in a snap!

Hi everyone, I have a quick post today. No project, sorry! As many of your know Google Reader will be going away in a few short months. I have read numerous posts about the different other blog readers there are out there and have decided to go with BlogLovin. I was a little concerned about moving the 150 blogs I follow on there but it was super easy!
1. Visit

2. Sign up - you can sign with your email or though Facebook and it was a super fast and easy signup.

3. Bloglovin will send you a verification email - click on the link

4. The link will bring you right to a page where you can click a button to have all of your Google Reader blogs transferred. CLICK on the button

5. After a few minutes or less, the reader will open up and all of your blogs are there!

If you are new to my site and want to subscribe hit the subscribe with Bloglovin' button on the left hand side.


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Melissa said...

Hey Cindy, I didnt find how to transfer all of my blogs, if you could help me I would dearly appreciate!

Anonymous said...

A huge thank you!