Sunday, June 9, 2013

Craft Store Haul

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday. We just got back from a little birthday lunch for my step-daughter. She's been working some crazy Disneyland shifts so we had to get it in before we didn't see her for ahwile lol. I have a little haul video for you today.

I have a busy week getting ready for our vacation. I am getting Lily a little hair trim -- her hair is so long and she has to go to the Dr. to check on her leg. She went to the Dr. last week and got a routine immunization. Two days later, it was this giant red and painful bump so I had to take her to the ER. It was something called cellulitis caused by a staph or strep bacterial infection under the skin. Very nasty and something to be taken seriously. She has anti-biotics and I want to make sure that it is healing properly. She did not say anything about it, I noticed it when I was giving her a bath. Just a reminder that if we notice anything out of the ordinary with our children it's better to be safe and overly cautious than not! Thanks for watching today! Pin It Now!

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