Saturday, December 19, 2015

258 Days of Christmas - Day 19

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day 19 of my 25 Days of Christmas. Today it's supposed to rain. What? It has been cold for us here in So. Cal. I am sure many of you would scoff at our freezing 60 degree temperatures. Then it warmed up the last two days, yesterday it was about 75 and now it's going to rain. Boooo! Lily has a dance class and then we are going to an event which includes Breakfast with Santa, crafts and face painting and some other holiday activities and my nieces' are coming too so that should be fun. Luckily, this place has underground parking so we should avoid getting too wet but nobody knows how to drive in the rain. We get so little of it, we forget.

Anyway, my project today includes some experimenting with my new Mini Minc machine. I printed off a free printable. It was a link from Jennifer McGuire as part of her handmade kindness project. The actual printable can be found here , K Werner Design Shop. I downloaded the printable and opened it with Adobe. I printed it on copy paper and then copied it on a copy machine using my own cardstock. The copy machine needs to use a toner cartridge instead of ink jet cartridges so large copy machines and laser printers.

I then brought the project home and used gold foil and my minc machine and literally 2 minutes later, I had this beautiful card that looked professionally made.

Isn't pretty? I just love my Minc machine. Thanks so much for visiting today!

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