Friday, July 8, 2022

Heartfelt Creations Wild Rose Flowers

Happy belated birthday to me! My 49th birthday was on July 1 and I can't believe that I have less than a year to enjoy my 40's. A birthday is really a time to reflect on our life, goals and relationships. I have a wonderful new guy after being divorced for quite awhile. My children are now teenagers, they get good grades and seem happy. Work has been really difficult with that disease that shall not be named (lol) especially when working at a school but my actual job is going strong. I do have house projects and money saving goals as well as building my Youtube channel which has over 2000 videos but I can't seem to increase my subscribers. I have gone to trying daily posts and improving my video making skills...the videos posted here are my oldie but goodies for now but if you visit my actual YT channel hopefully you will see some growth but I guess I have to remember why I create and post in the first's really for me and is my form of self care and even if just one person watches then I have shared a bit of myself and that's a good thing.

Today's video is a project share of Heartfelt Creations Wild Roses stamp and die. I am really glad that I found this video to share because I am doing an embellishments collab on the 11th and these flowers are really fun. It's a reminder to that we can make our own flowers and not always have to buy everything and it's fun to customize the size and colors too. Enjoy!

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