Thursday, July 7, 2022

No Spine Journal - kill a paper pad!


I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I went to San Diego with my family and kids recently and had a good time until the mosquitos attacked me. I got a problem with mosquitos for sure. The kids decided to to night swimming and I had a flashback to the last time we went night swimming in San Diego and I had to go to urgent care because the mosquitos gave me an allergic reaction. This time, I used these natural mosquito wipes everywhere except my face. Guess where those stupid mosquitos bit me??? On my eyelid. My birthday was the next day and I spent it with a swollen quasimodo eye lol. It's nearly better now but it was not my best look!

This video today is on making a very easy, no spine journal and a great way to kill a paper pad that has lots of paper. I ended up giving this one away. I think that I got the tutorial from Lyriclover on Youtube.

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fusiafscrapping said...

Happy birthday Cindy!
I have similar problem. Mosquitos love me too.