Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Easy Cards and an Easy Tip

The easy tip for Tuesday is simple. When building a card - use white cardstock for your card base. White cardstock is easy and fairly inexpensive to buy in bulk. When I was an SU demo, whenever I used a colored cardstock for the background of my card, I would cut a full sheet of cardstock cut it in half and then fold using the colored cardstock as my card. By building your card on white - you will use half as much colored cardstock - with SU prices going up this will save you money. Also, I found it was so hard to actually write anything inside the cards that used the colored cardstock, especially if it was a dark color. This way, you always have a nice white space to write or stamp in! I learned this tip from CTMH.

So I've been trying to use up what I had. I just found a ton of beautiful Brenda Walton stickers so I decided to make some easy cards. My mom always buys those cards from Costco and these cards remind me of those. I plan on packaging these up and giving them to her. I made probably close to 75 cards and the ones below are the ones I liked the best.

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Corie said...

These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

NormaJ said...

That's an excellent idea about using white card stock Cindy. I was finding that my coloured stock was being used far too fast. I'm changing my way of doing things from now on. Thanks for the mind tweek.