Friday, November 8, 2013

Hump Day

Hi everyone,
Today's card was one that I made for my husband. He love this commercial with the camel going around asking everyone if they know what day it is...HUMP DAY! So every Wednesday, he goes around saying it and the kids have started saying it. So I found this super cute cut on Animal Antics and put the card in his bag. He liked it and put it on his desk. He works really hard, lots of overtime lately, so I think the card made him smile. Be sure to visit watch the video to get the recipe and see how it all gets put together.

Thanks for visiting today.
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1 comment:

scootingranny said...

Cindy, this is such a cute, cute card! I have that cartridge but haven't spent any time looking at it. I have a friend who loves this saying and commercial and she recently fell, spraining both ankles, breaking a little toe on one foot and a bone in the big toe on her other foot. She's in two walking casts and has to use a walker and is getting pretty down. I think this is the PERFECT card to help cheer her up. Off to make this card for her and THANKS for the inspiration!!