Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm home!

Well, I'm home! I was on 23 hour observation in the hospital which was not fun! I was in a lot of pain so I had some pain meds but they seemed to wear off pretty fast. I, also have very small veins that like to hide so my arms are all bruised up and look like a pincushion from the IV and all the blood they had to take. Apparently, I have a kidney stone on the move on my left side and one on my right and a possible cyst on my kidney too. So I'm going to see my dr. on Monday for an ultrasound to see where everything is at. I'm feeling a lot better but Thursday and Friday was rough! The baby is fine and moving around so that's good news.

THANK YOU! so much for all of your kind prayers and words. My blogland friends are the best. Heart candy will be back on Friday! First time I've missed! Here is a little card dedicated from the heart for you all:

I plan on spending the weekend relaxing but I hope after my appointment, things can get back to normal. Let's hope my right kidney stone decides to stay dormant! Enjoy the Superbowl and I hope to talk to you all soon. Pin It Now!


Linda SS said...

I'm glad you are home but sorry to hear that you had a rough two days. I relate to the bad veins. I'm the same way - it's next to impossible to draw blood from me or put in IV's which only complicates an already bad situation. I'm so glad to hear the baby is active and doing fine:)
The card you made for your readers is so pretty - you are soooooo thoughtful.

Teri said...

What a pretty card. Hope you feel better soon.

pescbrico said...

I wish you the best for you and the baby!Thanks for giving us news! :) I was wondering how you were doing.

MelissaS said...

Glad to hear you are back in the comfort of your own home! I'm here hoping for the best for you. Take care of yourself!

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Cindy,

Wow, congratulations! I didn't know you were pregnant again, that's great news! :) Sorry to hear about the kidney stones, I hope you're doing better real soon! I can remember I had gall stones for my first pregnancy and the gall bladder pain that I had was absolutely fierce! Labour pain had nothing on the pain I went through with the other...not nice in the least! Anyway, you're in my thoughts and congratulations again! Take care!


Rita said...

So glad your home & feeling a little better! I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers hoping that all will be well with you & baby. Luv the card you made for all us, thank you it's awesome!!! Take care & good luck!

Elaine said...

That card is so sweet! BUT TAKE CARE OF YOU, girlie!!!! We're wishing the best for your appt on Monday!!!

Hugs, Elaine

Diane said...

Glad you are much better! Lovely card! Hugs to you and i hope that stone keeps sleeping!!!!

Tracy.H said...

I am a few days behind on my blog surfin'. So sorry to hear about your kidney problems!! Hope you get some relief soon...and glad to hear that baby is doing well. Take care and relax!! :0)

Linda Peterson said...

What great news that your baby is okay!! Hope you continue to keep getting better and do not have any other problems.
I love the card--thanks for sharing.

tyrymom29 said...

What a beautiful card ...Glad your feeling better !!!

tyrymom29 said...

What a beautiful card ...Glad your feeling better !!!

NormaJ said...

Hi Cindy, Thank you for your pretty
card. I hope Monday will bring some relief for answers and that you will not have to go through too much more with those stones.
Happy to hear that baby is well too. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh my sorry to hear you've not been well.

They can never find my veins either! Hurts like the dickens.

Very pretty card! Will think good thoughts and say a prayer for you and the baby!

Kelly said...

Oh Cindy... you must be in a lot of pain. My sister has those and had them during her pregnancy too. It is never a "Nice" thing. I will pray that everything will be good for the Ultrasound and that you and baby are healthy!
Very cute card.
Thanks for sharing.

dasimonds said...

Hi Cindy...
I'm glad to hear that you are home and feeling better...and glad to hear that your baby is active and doing fine.
You Take Care..and try to relax!!
Keep us updated..
Hugs mf..


nettystamps said...


I was VERY relieved to read you are home and feeling better. Not to mention that the baby is fine also...I think A LOT of prayers are answered. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers, and especially so until this has passed.
Keep smiling!