Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 20 of the 25 Days of Christmas

I made this fun giftset for some co-workers. The pail is Stampendous. I altered it with papers from SU's Holiday Treasures. The ribbon is SU kiwi kiss and the top is decorated with a felt flurry that I covered with tombow glue and dipped in glitter. The stamp in the middle is from Deer Friends, a level two stamp set. I filled it with decorated rice krispy treats from Target's Archer Farms. They are pre-packged so they will stay nice and fresh. The card matches, using the same paper and the stamp is also from Deer Friends.
Yesterday, was my last week of work for the next two weeks, yeah! I have been so busy trying to get all of my Christmas stuff done! My son fell and hit a table at school and bit his lower lip. He had to have stitches. Do you know how hard it is to give a two year old stitches? We were lucky enough to have a pediatric plastic surgeon do it and it's healing nicely but it was a very rough day!
Talk to you all soon.

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NormaJ said...

Oh Cindy I know exactly what you went through with your son. My
now grown up daughter was three,
when she flew down the driveway on her bicycle and hit the house, splitting her lip. It took two nurses and me to hold her down so
the doctor could stitch her lip.
She had a fatter lip than Botox could give you. I feel for you.-Norma

MelissaS said...

I hope Tyler is healing well. Justin had to have stitches, but they were in the back of his head so he couldn't see the docs coming at him. That's the hazard of having a boy - we've been at the ER at least once a year for each of his 5 years! I'm sure Ty is running around like nothing happened at this point. Enjoy the break you get from school! I hope you get all your to-dos done :)

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