Sunday, November 28, 2010

Daily December Album

First, don't forget about blog candy here. Next, I am showing my 25 Days of Christmas Album. Below are some of the inside pages:

Above is the cover. Each day I will take a picture or pictures to preserve the memories of this year's Christmas. Christmas, the actual day is over so quickly that it's nice to be able to enjoy the whole month. If you like the album, I have an extra one that you can buy here:

I did got out and hit some stores for Black Friday but I found it very disappointing. There wasn't a lot to buy. I did buy some clothes for Lily but just a normal clothing run, not for Christmas gifts or anything. I mostly spent my money on crafting supplies. I bought a Making Memories Slice for only 50 bucks, a Your Story machine and a ton of Cricut cartridges. Don't forget to visit my blog every day in December where I will be posting every day!

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