Thursday, December 24, 2009

It was the night before...Day 24

Welcome to the 25 - Day 24 Here are some more pics of my daily album. Above is just a cute picture of Lily.I saw Mary Poppins the musical with my sister and cousin. I have been waiting nearly 5 years to see this, every since I heard it was in London! It then went to New York and is finally on limited engagement here in Los Angeles. At first, the tickets were 200 bucks and I was so sad. Then my sister got a promo for mezzanine tickets for 45 bucks. So I bought them and we went. It was just so fabulous.

Here is a pic of my two little ones. Lily loves climbing into Tyler's fire truck bed so I snapped this picture of them playing.

My sister brings my niece Kayla over quite often and the two girls have a love/hate relationship. Kayla is much more aggressive than Lily and likes to chase here which makes Lily cry. But then they will laugh hysterically at each other a moment later!

A snapshot of some of the many presents I have wrapped so far.

Here is a picture of Lily "helping" put some candy canes on the tree. Do you notice the broken one?

A picture of my husband and cutie pies before they headed off to bed. The santa is a sizzix die.
I made 10 lbs of mashed potatoes last night for today. My mom makes the turkey and stuffing and all of the family piles over there tonight. We eat until we explode and visit while the kids run around like maniacs. Then we head home to finish last minute Christmas stuff..
Merry Christmas Eve!

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paperpapier said...

oh..happy family..the kids are all smiling aren't they..
Merry Christmas to you and family...

StampinCathy said...

What a lovely family and the pages are just priceless. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

NormaJ said...

Love your album Cindy. It is really cute and captures the kids
at their best. Our grd-kids are out looking at the lights and having a family supper together, while we sit at home listening to the news, having our dinner with
chocolate treats, and later on some eggnog to finish the evening.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Jill W. said...

Okay, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, wonderful scrapbook pages and cards....should we just start calling you Martha Stewart? Just kidding(but, I really don't know how you do it all).....Merry Christmas!