Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scoring Boards

Hi everyone,
Welcome to Tool Time Tuesday. Today, I will be sharing the different scoring tools on the market. I only have two of the ones that I will be mentioning and I don't plan on sharing all the ones that are out there because there are quite a few.

Scor-pal is one that I purchased a few years ago. The one that I have has less grooves than this one. I think that it was a response to the Martha Stewart scoreboard which has grooves every 1/8 of an inch. It includes the bone folder and Amazon has it for 27.95. It scores very nicely and is easy to use. The price has really come down, I bought mine for $39.95 back in the day. While it does score nicely, the lines are not super defined and I do have to go over the the creases quite a bit to get them really crisp.

The second scoring board that I want to mention is the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. When I looked it up on Amazon, I was blown away by the crazy good price. Right now it's selling for 14.99 and free shipping with $25 or more or if you have Prime (I do!), you can get it in two days with free shipping, no minimum. I also have this tool because my original scor-pal was limited at that time with score lines. This scoring board includes an envelope tool and has storage at the top which holds the scoring tool and can hold some smaller tools too. The scoring tool makes crisper scoring lines which is really great, especially if you have thicker cardstock.

The Simply Scored Tool by Stampin' Up was newly released and has some very interesting features. I do not have this tool and while I want it, it seems a bit excessive as I already have two scoring boards. It has tracks every 1/8 of an inch and has markers to help mark the spot which is very useful if you use certain score lines a lot. It has a newly released diagonal board which fits on top of this scoreboard to enable the user to make diagonal lines too. It's 29.95 and the diagonal board is 11.95 so it's pricey and it comes with a stylus instead of a bone folder which means the scores will not be quite as crisp.

I hope that this gives you some options if you are looking for a tool like this one. Feel free to leave suggestions of other scoring tools in the comments section. For the money, crisp scoring lines and fab bone folder, I think the Martha Stewart Scoring board is probably the best value. If you don't have a scoring board and want one, I wouldn't wait and would snatch up this board before Amazon raises their price. Thanks so much for reading me today!

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~ Jo ~ said...

Hi Cindy,
I own the MS scoring board and the ScorPal one. I always tend to grab my MS one as I really like this one a lot.


bluemoon said...

I have a MS, using 50% off at big box store, makes it 14.99 or so in Canada. I like it, but I do find, after scoring the centre of the cardstock that it is a slight bit off, so not totally centered.

fusiafscrapping said...

I don't have scoring board but I have fiskars trimmer. I bought scorring sliding tool too.