Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

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I hope that those of you in the U.S., voted! I am a permanent absentee voter and I almost forgot to mail my ballot back in. I sent it just in time! Talk about procrastinating. Basically, I'm not a huge fan of either candidate but I had to vote for one of them, so it was a game time decision for me.

Here is my next class by mail, red and green snow swirled! The colors used are real red, olive and kiwi kiss. I think that this is a really pretty combination. If you are interested in this new card kit, make sure to visit here. Here are some closeups of two of the cards.

Have you started your Christmas cards yet? Working on these cards has got me started! I still got a lot more to go!
Also, you may have noticed on the top left, a place to subscribe to my email newsletter. It's Stampin' Up stuff so if you 're not interested that's cool, but I plan on offering special discounts and promotions to my subscribers. If you bought something from me last month during my special discount then you're already subscribed.

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StampinCathy said...

This card is just beautiful! I just love the tree.

Gwen said...

Beautiful! every one of them!!!!

nicolefurness said...

you are very creative. i think you should bottle up your creative juices and sell em. i would be your first customer :)