Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I thought that Thanksgiving might have been ruined. I had bought a fresh turkey from the market on Tuesday and told my step-son to put it in the fridge (not the freezer!). We have an extra fridge in the garage and he put it in there with my husband's help. So I spent all of Wednesday, making the stuffing, the pies, the mashed potatoes and getting the house ready. I wake up at 6 to prepare the turkey, stuff it, get it into the oven and find that it's not in the fridge. Where is it? You guessed it! The freezer! OMG! The panic and hysteria I felt. I went to the local grocery store and they were out! Went across the street to the other grocery store and all they had were tiny little turkeys. Luckily, they actually have a meat dept. and the meat guy said they had thawed a couple of the frozen turkey and had one in a larger size.

As I stood in line, the cashier said it was on sale but I needed to spend 25 bucks, I told her my story and of course, she asked if the guys were still alive? The guy behind me said his wife would've killed him. The cashier said they were completely out of turkeys and I was lucky to find one!

So I took my turkey home and put him in the oven and lovingly basted him for 6 hours. My brother came over early and made the gravy, he makes da bomb gravy and carved the turkey. Everything came out great, the turkey was moist and all the fixin's were just right.

Does anyone need a 20lb turkey? I have an extra one in my freezer. All kidding aside, the meal itself for my first Thanksgiving making it without my mom watching my every move was great but the experience was beyond stressful!

Everyone has finally left and I made a very quick card to share with you all. It was made with the tree stamp from the MFT holiday stamp set and the figgy pudding paper pad by Basic Grey.

I paperpieced the tree. In celebration of Thanksgiving being over and surviving it, I will be giving away two prizes in tomorrow's heart candy. If you like figgy pudding and MFT be sure to check back. Since I'm off and my baby's a maniac, I cannot predict when it will be posted but as soon as I can I will be putting it up so be sure to check back! Pin It Now!


pescbrico said...

Love your paperpiecing

Deb said...

I hope you think up a suitable punichment for the boys, like the thanksgiving washingup!
Love this card, this BG paper is my favourite Christmas paper this year!

Rita said...

OMG, I'm so happy for you that you were able to find a turkey on thanksgiving day! I would have have woke hubby & screemed at him so that he would not have been able to go back to sleep! Now go back & punish those guys! Hehehe!!!
I don't know how you kept your calm?