Monday, November 5, 2007

New Winner

The new winner of the gift certificate is Jodene! Please email me confirming your email address and I'll get that out to you. Thank you all for participating in my weekly drawings. Just a question, how long do you think that I should give people to respond if they are winners before picking a new winner?

Also, I was so busy this weekend with birthday lunches that I didn't have time to post a creation but I hope to be able tonight!

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Suzy said...

Did you email her and she didn't respond? That is so odd.

I would give it 7-10 days just in case someone is ill or goes on vacation, or has an emergency of some sort. After that, yeah I would redraw a name from the hat.

debbiedee said...

I think the amount of time is up to how long you want to wait. I personally like a quicker turn around time, so I can get the goodie mailed out.
I do think 3 days is a minimum fair amount as sometimes blogger is late getting messages posted for those of us that subscribe and get messages sent to our e-mail about updates. Sometimes I miss out on blog candy chances because it is posted and you have just a few hours to respond. By the time I get a message from blogger that there has been a new post, the contest is over. KWIM?
I know there are gals that only post because of the gal that posts all the blog candy threads. I agree with you that they should keep track of what candy they entered for.

Rita said...

I would give it 7 days, only because she could be on vacation & doesn't has access to a computer til she gets home. Hope that helps.